Premiere Show for Black Creative Entrepreneurs

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The Philadelphia
OCTOBER 22, 2023


October 22 2023 10AM-6PM

Don’t miss the #1 Show for Black Creative Entrepreneurs in the
Hair, Fashion, Photography, Modeling and Makeup Industry!

Event Schedule

Event and Class Schedule coming soon!

The Beauty Show You've been waiting for!

Don't miss the #1 show for black creative entrepreneurs in the hair, fashion, photography, modeling and makeup industry!

The Beauty Show you've been waiting for!

Experience the new era of beauty like you’ve never experienced it before as 5 Major creative groups come together to Boast the true nature of the Black Beauty Industry.

Our Goal

We have determined to put every effort into making the BLACK BEAUTY EXPO one of the world’s finest beauty shows, as well as to be a testament to every aspiring beauty professional, that if they strive for success, they too can make it.

Staying Creative

The Black Beauty Expo recognizes the importance of staying encouraged, inspired and creative, especially as black creatives. Though industry norms makes excuses for a lack of diversity and opportunity, black creativity continues to influence the masses through raw talent.

Staying Competitive

The Black Beauty Expo has created platforms for creatives to match their skills and sharpen their edges to compete in the real world of creativity. Through competitions and awards, black creatives will be able to prepare themselves for the World’s Stage and Beauty Industry at large!


We look forward to meeting you at the 2023 Philadelphia Black Beauty Expo!

General Admission Ticket

$ 15

  • Regular Seating
  • All-Day Trade Floor Access
  • Competitions
  • Classes
  • Evening Fashion Show

All-Access Ticket

$ 25

  • Regular Seating All-Day
  • All-Day Trade Floor Access
  • Competitions
  • Classes
  • Evening Fashion Show

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Yesha Grand Ballroom



2308 Snyder Ave, Philadelphia, PA, 19145