Thando Kafele

Loc Specialist

CLASS: The First Date: A Masterclass to Consultation

Thando Kafele is one of the most decorated stylists in the natural hair industry and after 20 years of dedicated experience as a Master stylist he will be teaching a workshop on the importance of the first consultation, or as he coins it “The First Date”. Consulting builds trust and rapport between the stylist and the client. So come learn how to consult the right way, with authority and expertise. Learn how to build a relationship with your clients and the importance hair styling has on culture, heritage and traditions at this once in a lifetime workshop.

Thando Kafele possesses a clarity of vision for natural hair well-suited to the high priests of the old African religions. Quite simply, he is a revolutionary, a sorcerer who has been engaged in liberating natural hair for 25 years.

His mantra “Natural hair is not just about style; it’s about health” is a reflection of the ways in which his practice is a site for total healing. He follows the long tradition of West African spiritual practices that recognize the head and the crown as sources of the Divine. These spiritual practitioners knew well the significance of the crown; they saw hair as an adornment to the psychic and spiritual energies that protect and nurture the body, and, as such, hair required particular attention by anointed hands.

Kafele’s stylings are imbued with wisdom, meaning, and power; they are only legible to those who have been initiated into the visual politics of the Afro-centric. They are regal signifiers from the African past with messages of ethnic pride. They are meant to be donned unapologetically with dignity.

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