Kinah Merriweather

Wealth Building Strategist

CLASS: "Using What I Know To Sell BEAUTY RETAIL To The World's Largest Customer"

In this class THE RETAILBOSS BRAND will be educating Beauty and Barber professionals on how to create and additional stream of revenue by selling their retail to the federal government. This non-traditional approach to retail sales will aid industry professionals to create an additional revenue streams through federal sales.

Mrs. Sankinah (Kinah) L. Merriweather is an Englishtown, New Jersey native. She has an
extensive career as a cosmetology educator; she developed a love for cosmetology in high
school. Kinah began taking cosmetology classes in high school before gaining acceptance at
Dudley Cosmetology University. As a cosmetology instructor, she has also trained cosmetology
professionals at Dudley Cosmetology School in the District of Columbia, Trident Technical
College, and two (2) Paul Mitchell schools. Mrs. Kinah was the owner of a thriving hair salon in
Charleston, SC prior to relocating to Atlanta, GA.

With a professional background in both cosmetology and retail management, Kinah’s unique
background has equipped her to successfully teach entrepreneurs and executive leaders how to
appreciate the art and science of beauty while either obtaining or maintaining profitability
regardless of seasonality factors. Kinah has been deemed the Retail Boss; a name she proudly
claims. Currently, she provides cosmetology products and services to the federal government
(also known as government contracting) and teaches other entrepreneurs how she does it,
consults, and also teaches retail education to entrepreneurs and executive leaders who seek to
increase total revenue and net profitability over time. She teaches with passion and conviction to
ensure that both new and seasoned professionals gain a greater understanding of the subject
matter being taught. As a former salon owner, Kinah retired from behind the chair at forty (40)
years of age while leveraging retail sales in her salon. Therefore, Kinah is duly equipped to
provide relevant information to an ever-evolving profession due to her educational underpinning,
real world experience, and a keen eye for emerging trends. Today, with her teaching platform,
Kinah teaches a globally diverse socioeconomic audience how to be creative, innovative, and
profitable in both asynchronous (on-demand) and synchronous formats.

Kinah is a consummate learner with a sincere desire to empower her students. Kinah has
evolved into the beauty industry leader you see today. As an author and podcaster, she has built a
global audience with a listenership of more than thirty-seven (37) countries and counting. Her
podcast can be heard on various platforms that include, but not limited to Apple Podcast, Google
Podcast, iHeart Radio, Pandora, Podbean, Spotify, Spreaker, Stitcher, Tune-In, and other
platforms. In short, you can find her podcast on almost any podcasting platform. Hold onto your
seat as Kinah prepares you create a paradigm shift in your business via retail.

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