1:00PM - 3:00PM

How to Build a Million Dollar Brand

By Tiana Von Johnson CEO of Tianavonjohnson.com. BLACK BEAUTY EXPO VIP SPONSOR

Location: Classroom B

Tiana Von Johnson generated over one million dollars in her first year in business. Today she teaches entrepreneurs and goal-driven individuals the real personal branding, business growth, and mindset secrets to create the life YOU want.

Take Tiana’s courses to learn how she thinks and strategies she used to create her purpose-filled abundant life, and how YOU can too!

You Will……

  • Master the art and business of speaking and “being a speaker”

  • Master selling from the stage

  • Master building a coaching and consulting program

  • Master publishing books and courses + launching products

  • Master producing your own live events, seminars and workshops and actually filling the room and making money

  • Master how to build a MILLION DOLLAR BRAND so anything you touch turns to gold

  • Master the real elevator pitch to get you paid—not what they taught you in business classes that has gotten you nowhere

  • Master the 3 words you must use in your marketing to get more YES’s and how not come off like a pushy salesman

You’ve tried it your way for years and you’re not where you want to be with your brand and business. It’s time to take serious action and learn from the BEST!

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